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Axis has made significant investments in user-friendly world-class hardware and software that support the design, implementation, and monitoring of our customized supply chain solutions. We put the highest priority on security; our data center is certified SSAE 16 compliant and meets N+1 redundancy standards. Our web-based technology ensures total transparency and immediate access to real-time information. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy for you to download key data points, conduct analyses, and prepare reports.


Service Highlights

  • Monitor and manage domestic and international air and ground shipments via Axis’ web-based Transportation Management System

  • Monitor and manage inventory across all domestic and international warehouses via Axis’ web-based Warehouse Management System and LogiView

  • Monitor and manage all aspects of ongoing projects via SmartSheet collaborative project management web-based software

  • Immediate, paperless, computer-to-computer communication and invoicing with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solution; Axis supports EDI 214 codes, XML, and comma delimited formats

  • Download key data points, conduct analyses, and prepare reports on demand

  • Request Axis to create and automatically send customized reports in a variety of formats

  • Immediate proof-of-delivery confirmation for all air and ground domestic and international shipments by phone, fax, or email

  • Sonic firewalls placed between Axis’ private networks and the Internet are an integral part of our security infrastructure.

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